Computer Help! comm class 320

1 May


PR World

23 Apr

Dear PR Family,

i learn that when waking up in the PR World ypu have to know how to connect with the people who work with you. In my pr class,I learned the up’s and down’s of this world.How important social media is to us. Make sure that we do the job right and to know what happen if we make a mistake.How to act fast when thing do not go as plan and always have a plan A-Z at times.
Sometime this job is stressful and you will get down at time, but my teacher help encourage me to keep pushing for the best. I Learned to meet new and posative people that inspire me to do better and how to improve my work.I learn more tips about being a connector on campus. I want to be that person who know somebody that knows somebody that knows everybody. You have to think of youself as a phonebook all those contact you have can help you get somewhere. the word of mouth so to speak.
I now use my twitter, facbook , instagram and youtube more now.I also starting to learn how to speak in French. I want to build better networking skills so I can know different people. learning how to be better and work hard is ok.

Evaluating PR Campaigns

16 Apr

Dear Pr Family,

When you are Evaluating a campaigns, it’s basically finding ways to improve oneself.I personal can testify to this rule personal and prossinaly.Sometime when you evaluating your campaigns you need to ask yourself, “How do we get more buyers”.
First what caught the public eye. So look at the media and events that make a difference to you clients.For example if you had to sale Dr. Dre Beats Headphones, you sale targets would be young adults like the age between 13-25 or up.Now that you how you age target then you would have to find some stars that who make a huge impact on that age group.( By impact I mean hair style,fashion,cars, music,etc.) So you make a campaign to sell make headphones you must have the media involved in the face of the public. Do you research when you stars show off your products. Like Lil Wayne,he wear the headphone in he’s music videos.Now who watching this video, in some part of their brain, the image of the headphone is burn deep that the person will most likely go get them.
Now this could take a wrong turn, because family you could got the right the people but what if the message didn’t contact to your clients as well. you have to use any type of media you got.Like Twitter,Facebook, Instagram and tumbler. ( I think you get the picture lol.)
Keep track of your works growth.See where you need to improve.Some companies will have open events for the public and their will be booths and free prizes to open their eyes.Sometimes they will have Stars performing for free to get a large percentages of buyers. WHen you look at you growth, you will try to keep the rates up.
Now remember you try different ways improve your campaigns it will be a try to error. So dust yourself and try again family.Look at every area that need new important. Remember to keep you push and improve yourself in this line of work.


2 Apr

I agree Alice short and sweet. another good point for readers to understand bout what they should do when giving info. that helps alot because alot of readers don’t like to read alot. they want fact here and now.


2 Apr

Gurl, first thank you for the great eye opener honey. (faning myself). God bless his parents! lol but jokes aside, thank you for the real tips of Blogging. This one makes it easy to follow and understand. It’s like talking one on one with you. I believe the readers will love this one.

Tip for your Blogs!

2 Apr


Dear Pr Fam,
As a fellow blogger and vlogger have to learn how to make your successful. Understand in this day and age, media is busting everywhere in your face and blogging is the new trend, the new black and even the new way to make that cash. So ask yourself how can you make your blog standout for the crowd. So Family down get your curls in a fro! (lol) Nece will be happy to open her bag of tips for you.

Tip #1 : Clean up and Dress up!

You have to make sure your blog is in order and an eye catcher.Make sure that you blog have dates where you post a blog, so if your readers want to go to a blog they liked, then they can click to it. Have different pages on your blog.One page for your topic and story.That will be your main page. The second one could be all bout you. Get the readers a feel of the star of the show.Some people like to see that a human being is writing, not a robot. Third page is a Comment Page. You need to read other bloggers pages to network with other bloggers. Make sure you comment on their page and copy and paste it on your page with a link to their blog. basically “scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” effect. Last page should be whatever you want. if you are a vlogger post you videos or other media on that page. Some bloggers post a shout out page on their page.To make a better connection with their fans.

Tip #2: Link It Up!

Links,Links, and Links, as a PR you are going to use different type of media.People who want to offer you job and get in contact with you should put your links on the side bars. If yu can’t then put them on your “All About Me” page. This will help build fans and followers.

Tip #3: Pub Yourself!

Use every bit of media you can.If you are a college student print off flyers and post them every on campus. Write a short version of you latest blog post and put them in the school or local newspaper.(Make sure you put a link or use an app scanner for them to find your page.) Tell you friends to spend the word.Twitter and Facebook, you better start posting honey. These are some ideas how you can boost your blog up.
Your Curly PR,
Nece Lynn
P.S. these might come in use.

Your got to be #’n me!

26 Mar


Dear PR family,
Now in the art of using Twitter, you have to be very very and i mean VERY careful with your hash tags. When companies use Twitter, the main idea is to promote and grain more clients for their product that they are selling.What better way to do that is social media for the public eye. Now sometimes we put hashes on word that we wouldn’t think it could cause a negative effect.
F.Y.I.: A hast tags is a symbol we use for Twitter to post a trend or issue that is currently happening right now.People also use it to connect with people who have a common interest with product,companies,scholarship,etc. Basically whatever you like and what to share with the world, then share it!
Now before you push send on you twitter understand to choose your words carefully.Remember just like a painting,a word can mean a thousand things.Sometimes people would pick words that seem a little inappropriate and it could cost them their job. (So please no body parts named, unless you are a doctor).
In other cases, just like “Where is da love” had stated two hash tags event went wrong and cost bad press. #ToMyUnbornChild was confused from messages to unborn babies, to hateful messages about children growing up and believing its ok to be gay. Another hash tag oops is the McDonald story.The company was thinking to use Twitter to show how their food was so fresh and where the food come from.The tables turn and the fresh story went fowl in the end. In fact it had affect their sales and opinions about their food with their customers.
Now some mistakes can be fixed and some can’t. Sorry to said, but be careful with your words. I find these tips to help out very well. 1.Look to see if there is a hash tag with the same name.See if it’s a negative or positive trend. 2. if it does not match yours, then change the wording or capitalize all the words. 3. put different media with the tags. 4. have another person double-check it. 5. BE careful!
Love Curly PR