Ethics Page

Denise L. Smith Code of Ethics
4024 Sawyer Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46152 • (317) 657-4111 •

With this information that is given on the page, I want to join the workforce with a company that shares my values and ethics on helping ourselves and the community. As I learn and work I need to work with people who help people before themselves. I hope the following helps give a better understand on what I desire in the future company I would be proud in working with.

Trust worthy:
• I want to work for a company that is honest with every project and product that I’m to cover.
• I want preform my work and know that what I’m doing is right and honest
• A job with passion is a job worth doing. Passion pushes a person or team to want to do their job and feel satisfied about the outcome of their work.
• Working with project that pushes a person to complete it to the fullest.
• I want not only to do my job to the fullest but I want to do it right and leave my client happy.
• Before servicing ourselves we should service our community.
• They are our first clients and or best source of our foundation which makes any company grow
• Supply and demand is main key.
• I want to feel that this is the company that is right for me.
• That my work didn’t go in vein and I love doing my job because it feels right.
• My desire is to help people and make one part of life not stressful for others.


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