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Bonus Janette Walls Story

23 Oct

              Indiana State University was proud to invite Guess speaker Jeannette Walls to the campus to talk about her bestselling book The Glass Castle. The Glass Castle is a memoir of her life and what struggles that she had to overcome. Was the New York’s Time Best Seller list for 261 weeks? The Glass Castle even had sold over 2.5 million copies and was translated into 22 different languages. Wall’s book also received the Christopher Award and the American Library Association’s Alex Award in 2006.
               “We Were “PO”. she laughed “We were so poor, we couldn’t afford the “OR”. The crowd laughed at the light humor. Walls told the audience about her life and her struggle before tell our about her book. She was one out of five sibling, her father was Electrician and her mother was Artist.They live in and out of being homeless. “I was a Fighter and a Scraper” Walls said. She told use about her career was a Celeb Interviewer. she tole our how she love her job,but sometimes couldn’t relate with her rich friends because she never had the joys of having such luxuries.She wanted to keep her past be hind doors and let no one know anything about her childhood. “I WAS ASHAMED.” she admitted “one day as I was going home and I saw this women digging in this trash can. then I realized that women was my mother. I didn’t do anything but slid deep in my seat as I passed her. I didn’t want her to see me and come knock on the window for help. When I got home, I looked in the mirror and I didn’t what I saw.” looking at the audience I could tell they felt something similar to her story. “I wanted to write this book so I could make a difference even if one person reads it. I would be even be happy if a rich person or someone better off reads it and understands how to treat people that’s not well off as them.” she smiled. She also wanted someone like her to read the book and grow a passion to do better. “Dream to live better”. she smiled again. “My father said there are demons everywhere and there is nothing but bullies.The way I treat my family and how I hide my past, I saw that demon in that mirror and it was hold me back. My Father would also tell me and my siblings that he would build our a Glass Castle. Writing this book was MY GLass Castle.”
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How has Social Media impacted the world of PR?

10 Oct

Social Media is changing everyday and so do the tools that PR’s use. Social Media not only help young people to stay connected but top companies that use everything that can help them to sell their product. A PR is going to use every form of commication that is easy for anybody  to get to their information.

     Two-Way Communication

  • PRs are going to have to build a great bond with their clients and tell them what they need or word to help their businesses.
  • Need a one on one talk about their value and see if it matches their.

Digital Communication


  • talk about hot trends about the products and events that your clients are doing.
  • Networking with other company, icons, and important contacts use this network.
  • also use it for linking their pages and website


  • Use to make pages to advertise their proudct or client.
  • Have like page for campiages and fan base.
  •  It help people to know more and get in contact with you.
  • it how more of your work .

Also doing your research of you client or company. Using Mass Media will help to see your clienit  if you need to do chaos control. you need to know what their vuales or what projects they have done and how the public like them. Using Social Media is faster to get information out to people. If you look up and use the infomation to help you understand if you can improve  the organiztions image. you have to do your research because it is not only their name but your too and it might  affect you with future. Keep in mind that Social Media can make you or break you so be careful. Just plan, work , research and do, this will help you in the later run for you future jobs for you

my world is going upside down part 1

8 Apr

i just feel that when i try it gets harder people say stay strong, you’ll get it. YEAH RIGHT! sometime i think of way to get out this life we want to call home. sometime i sit and wacth the people around me. it feels like a playground. why spend all your time trying to outdo somebody by being better at waht they do or crush them down cause it make u feel better. i just don’t get it. why be loud just so people can look a you, when u know they’ll just turn around to the person they was talking to to say something negative…… r u that smart?…….Realy, i don’t know….

Count down for school

7 Aug

Im scared that I might have the same class of  hell that I had my 10th grade year. I saw a few people I know there when I signed up for school, (the ones I can stand) ok kids I call them.  I look at their class they had . Some where the same like mines and some wasn’t. I would die before I step foot in the same class with the same people of last year. Now some of them where ok, but the rest can go to hell, (IM JUST SAYING, MOST OF THE TEACHER WOULD SAY THAT TOO). Im sick of hearing who this girl do it with or which boy got jumped and where at. I would like to hear the answer to 2x+4y+3x=?  I almost  failed my classes that year if I didn’t have help from my friends and teachers.So looking at the calendar,I have 4 days, 101 hours, 52 mins. before school starts. DAMN!

Just Me

6 Aug

Hi guys , as you know this is my first blog  EVER!  I will be starting school  soon and want to share my thoughts, emotions, moments, and dreams with you. I want people to see what i have to go  through  in high school . I go to a school that have different people in there. Goths, nerds, jocks, time wasters, artist, homosexuals, heteorsexuals, and most of all THE CLONES. I hope you enjoy the tales I have to  say.

                                                                                                                      from the diaries of an abnormal girl.

Hello world!

6 Aug

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!