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2 Apr

I agree Alice short and sweet. another good point for readers to understand bout what they should do when giving info. that helps alot because alot of readers don’t like to read alot. they want fact here and now.



2 Apr

Gurl, first thank you for the great eye opener honey. (faning myself). God bless his parents! lol but jokes aside, thank you for the real tips of Blogging. This one makes it easy to follow and understand. It’s like talking one on one with you. I believe the readers will love this one.

lev #2 comment

19 Mar

Good job. using media is very important and very helpful in pr. without it there is no “us”. lol but really it is true. press is good for us and our clients.

Bre 1# comment

19 Mar

Out done yourself again Bre. great job and i believe the same way. The power of press is very moving and have a greater effect on people and what they do. this is very different and you approach was mind blowing. Keep it up!

Bri Comment #3

26 Feb

Great blog Bri! loved it, I feel that everybody point the finger at A.P.P too many time about the abortions and not understanding that it is a choice for that woman and her body. The A.P.P. only helps give information to women to make it safe for them. People do not not understand that when you cut funds like that, people who are unable to pay loses.

comment 2 mocha’s

19 Feb

I had him as a teacher. He is a wonderful man to learn from and he has so much passion about his job. A few of my friends actually got job to work at the Hulman Center and the Indiana Stateman here on campus.