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Hag Tag Party!

Dear Pr family,

Now going Natural is a new trend for the women of color. By going natural I mean not using any type of chemicals to change the hair pattern form by any way possible. Back in the past time women would find that perming their hair straight was a blessing. As the time of using over and over again became a problem because the chemical make the hair weak and breakable. So the rise of go Natural has went up and more natural product are coming out.

Lets Talk Tresses Logo

Now on twitter there is a huge fuss of Natural vs Perm hair, which I find so stupid,but the still up’s and down about it. The first tweet I saw was how one guy does not like natural hair girls. Now that the comment he said what rude and I shall not place it on my blog. He was doing the most (Rick Ross Voice). I will tell you that he caught some fire for some ladies and believe the fur was flying. As I watch the tweet throw, I realized that there is too much heat about what is beauty to some people. I understand that some people don’t like it but please don’t be rude about it. As Women, that is our pride and for someone to call it ugly is straight.

After I go done from watch the fist fight of the hair tweet I move to tell about the best product and natural way to use food for my hair. I didn’t know you can use extra virgin olive oil to shave you leg.Then I saw the natural hair photo challenge for Instagram. I start doing it now which was cool.The challgene is to post on each day about your natural, product,clothes, food, and anything else that who go with your hair. At the end of the day I enjoy the natural tweet and got some followers too, so happy about that. (thank you)!

So PR Family you hould give it a try, go out there and look for tweets that caught your eye. see ya!


Indiana State University  wanted the student to chill and relax  for this week and had the Spring Remix of the 90’s. PR Family, I’m sorry but I will always being a 90’s baby at heart. Nobody will have a childhood like mine lol. The event that i took pleasure in going and having fun with my friends was the Remix at the Hulman Center. The remix was theSororities & Fraternities work together for a week and practice dancing to a certain 90’s song. They can dress up and use props to give them the chance to win the Remix.

The Remix was funny and I also die in my seat for laughing so hard. I saw that the whole room was fulled with students, teachers, staff, and supporters. I love the music each group pic for their perform too. I even got to see the Judges(and Mullen I saw you! Show off for the PR Class!) 1608   16101611

My favorite one is the beautiful Women of S.A.A.S., they were great and I Can’t wait to join their group Lord I was happy for them. Then I was happy to see the wonderful ladies of Gamma Phi Beta. the crowd really enjoy the show and after the performance the sororities would scream their mottos and cheer on their fellow sisters on a great job of show what they made of. The only thing I was upset about not have the Divine Nine or all  black Orgs. in this event. I felt that it was had been even better for everybody. But Hopelly next year will be just as fun as this year.

The Tunnel of Oppression

when I  heard about the about this event it was at  Black Student  Union Meet. The President and the Secretary  was volunteering to help out and they wanted members to go and experience the event and talk about their points of view about it. At first I feel that not they many people would go because personal that we as student and staff on this campus do not  show density like they preach. When I was that I mean only color, but sexuality, beliefs, culture, etc. It just seem like we try to shove under the rug and try to said a different subject because we are scare to confront it.

As I went in I could heard the yell and scream, “YOU WHORE! FAG! and I GIVE ME 20 YOU WORM! Truth be told I wanted to laugh because i saw some of my friends who was yelling that it different fit theire personaltiy. As I kept walking  Eric ( BSU Secretary) yelled at me and said to give up me phone. ” I need for  you to pull out the phone in your bra and give up the cell NOW!” In my mind I was thinking that my daddy was in my face telling me this. Looked and saw the faces in the room, soem people could not belive that people go throught this everyday.

Personaly I’m a Pansexual, Black and A woman, so many things I have count against in this world. People stare at me about my color and my hair. I feel like they judge me because of the stereotype their see on TV.  Am I the loud ghetto girl or “THAT” one black girl who  know how to act like when in public. Me being a Pansexual, do i carry HIV or STD, spreading it every or they would say that is not real. (which hurts my feelings) and as a woman, I hate and I mean I HATE as women, we are seen as sex items. We are human and should be treated as such. I even heard some men talk about how they did not know that’s what women and gay people go through everyday. (THANK YOU FOR OPENING YOUR MINDS PEOPLE. Overall I felt that this was great event and I would like to see more people go and educate them about whats happen in the world.



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