All bout me!


Bonjour PR Family,
My Name is Denise l. Smith, but i go by Nece Lynn. I here in Blog Land to tell you about the things that I have learned or what I going to learn. I’m a scholar at Indiana State University, majoring in Mass Media and PR.I love doing my job in these field and I feel that they benefit not only me but my community also. One day I hope to work for companies that affect the community in a positive way and pushes people to do the same.  I also do a lot of vlogging on YouTube to connect with many people who share my same view.

I hope that I will work in radio and talk about issues that some people choose to sweep under the rug. I also want to work with businesses that help make improvement with our society. I also want to be a role model for the young adults who go in this field or life style that I picked. I love talking to people and getting to learn different thing. I always try to be  100 keeping to 1000% with people when it come to facts, options, and situations. I want to educate people and let the know there is more than just one world out there! So if you are ready to take that trip with my then follow my links and let’s get start… Oh and WELCOME TO THE PR FAMILY!


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