PR World

23 Apr

Dear PR Family,

i learn that when waking up in the PR World ypu have to know how to connect with the people who work with you. In my pr class,I learned the up’s and down’s of this world.How important social media is to us. Make sure that we do the job right and to know what happen if we make a mistake.How to act fast when thing do not go as plan and always have a plan A-Z at times.
Sometime this job is stressful and you will get down at time, but my teacher help encourage me to keep pushing for the best. I Learned to meet new and posative people that inspire me to do better and how to improve my work.I learn more tips about being a connector on campus. I want to be that person who know somebody that knows somebody that knows everybody. You have to think of youself as a phonebook all those contact you have can help you get somewhere. the word of mouth so to speak.
I now use my twitter, facbook , instagram and youtube more now.I also starting to learn how to speak in French. I want to build better networking skills so I can know different people. learning how to be better and work hard is ok.


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