Evaluating PR Campaigns

16 Apr

Dear Pr Family,

When you are Evaluating a campaigns, it’s basically finding ways to improve oneself.I personal can testify to this rule personal and prossinaly.Sometime when you evaluating your campaigns you need to ask yourself, “How do we get more buyers”.
First what caught the public eye. So look at the media and events that make a difference to you clients.For example if you had to sale Dr. Dre Beats Headphones, you sale targets would be young adults like the age between 13-25 or up.Now that you how you age target then you would have to find some stars that who make a huge impact on that age group.( By impact I mean hair style,fashion,cars, music,etc.) So you make a campaign to sell make headphones you must have the media involved in the face of the public. Do you research when you stars show off your products. Like Lil Wayne,he wear the headphone in he’s music videos.Now who watching this video, in some part of their brain, the image of the headphone is burn deep that the person will most likely go get them.
Now this could take a wrong turn, because family you could got the right the people but what if the message didn’t contact to your clients as well. you have to use any type of media you got.Like Twitter,Facebook, Instagram and tumbler. ( I think you get the picture lol.)
Keep track of your works growth.See where you need to improve.Some companies will have open events for the public and their will be booths and free prizes to open their eyes.Sometimes they will have Stars performing for free to get a large percentages of buyers. WHen you look at you growth, you will try to keep the rates up.
Now remember you try different ways improve your campaigns it will be a try to error. So dust yourself and try again family.Look at every area that need new important. Remember to keep you push and improve yourself in this line of work.


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