Your got to be #’n me!

26 Mar


Dear PR family,
Now in the art of using Twitter, you have to be very very and i mean VERY careful with your hash tags. When companies use Twitter, the main idea is to promote and grain more clients for their product that they are selling.What better way to do that is social media for the public eye. Now sometimes we put hashes on word that we wouldn’t think it could cause a negative effect.
F.Y.I.: A hast tags is a symbol we use for Twitter to post a trend or issue that is currently happening right now.People also use it to connect with people who have a common interest with product,companies,scholarship,etc. Basically whatever you like and what to share with the world, then share it!
Now before you push send on you twitter understand to choose your words carefully.Remember just like a painting,a word can mean a thousand things.Sometimes people would pick words that seem a little inappropriate and it could cost them their job. (So please no body parts named, unless you are a doctor).
In other cases, just like “Where is da love” had stated two hash tags event went wrong and cost bad press. #ToMyUnbornChild was confused from messages to unborn babies, to hateful messages about children growing up and believing its ok to be gay. Another hash tag oops is the McDonald story.The company was thinking to use Twitter to show how their food was so fresh and where the food come from.The tables turn and the fresh story went fowl in the end. In fact it had affect their sales and opinions about their food with their customers.
Now some mistakes can be fixed and some can’t. Sorry to said, but be careful with your words. I find these tips to help out very well. 1.Look to see if there is a hash tag with the same name.See if it’s a negative or positive trend. 2. if it does not match yours, then change the wording or capitalize all the words. 3. put different media with the tags. 4. have another person double-check it. 5. BE careful!
Love Curly PR


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