Extra Extra get you Press Release!

19 Mar


Now my fellow PR family, we all know the key to being a great PR in any business is press releases. When you are writing for any business (big or small) or if it’s for a person, understand that a press release is a great benefit for you and client. It’s main job is to get coverage from all form of media. Like newspaper,TV,radio, journals, magazines, blogs and etc.
Now i know what you are saying, how do you get your press release to move from you desk and in the right hands you need them to be in? Network, network and let me say it again,network my friend.In the PR world you have to know a large range of people to be successful for your client.You have to see yourself as a contact book with too many page of “I know a guy” details honey. When you write one it show that you and your client is professional and potential business partners on other projects. It helps grab more press with media,future clients and comsumers.If you have that great and powerful press release than your work spread very far and wide, even to people who you never came in contact with.
ok,So now the big question is, what can you do to make your press release better than A1 Sauce.
Tip #1
Grammar, grammar and grammar!make sure that you that there is no errors. If you want to be taken seriously, then be very serious about your work. When you send your work,it is like sending a picture of you. If the picture is blurry,unclear and not worth looking at, it makes you look unprofessional and people will not want to risk their reputation on your work. Some people might not read your work and put in there not knowing the errors that’s on there. Leaving you with unhappy clients and no new clients.
Tip #2
Be very creative, always thing of way to caught the public eye. Bland and tasteless press release is bad for business. Honey I said you want A1 sauce,not the cheap stuff you find in the back of the store.
Tip #3
What did I say about Contacts.You have to be that person that knows everybody.If you know Oprah or Wendy,them call them up.He who has contacts, he who has many open door.
I hope this help doll, curls out!
P.S. here is a example


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