There is Always a Bad Apple in the Bunch!

26 Feb

2271513941_ff87980cd2     The apple maybe look sweet but the core is down right rotten. Apple Mac and their partner ,Foxconn may have the products that everybody crave for but if they only knew about the mistreated workers. With this information would  Mac and Foxconn  lose money? In fact there some customers that are outraged about the this. As Laurel Galanter had written, Foxconn is known to have the largest numbers of employee and exported goods for t he Mid East. The treatment that the employee receive is ridiculous. With low pay, long  hours of work and the results of employees  commiting  suicide.

The workers only get a dollar a day to create pieces for the iPhone or iPad. One worker that lives in china talks about how harsh the condition. They hired people in poor communities that they  are desperate for any pay without complaints. They work 12 hours a day and six days of week. This was too much pressure that they had to deal with working for these companies. Sunrise on 7 had interviewed a worker, (changing her name) Ms. Chin talk about the life work for Foxconn and Apple. She also said “They use women as men and men as machines.” it was report that in 2010, 14 workers committed suicide due to the pressure, depression and stress from working from the company.

When the world  hears about this story of the curel act, some people take action and  work hard to boycott or write petition so the employee could have better working conditions. Even when people have good intentions, the thought of paying double the price of the product have buyers at mix feeling about it. people can’t see themselves without  modern technology in their everyday life. Some people say its sucks but I can not give up my iPhone and others say they would gladly give up all their Mac product for the better good.

The real question is Apple and Foxconn going to do the right that and treat their employee better? Will the petitions help the works and give them a voice? Are people willing to push their petty want and help the ones who at need?


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