29 Jan

67760_104076622992954_129100_nThe History…

NAACP ( National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is a nationality known orgainiztion that is place on this campus as one of the black orgainiztions today. Their Mission is to prmote the rights of minorities, which consists of branches like  legal, education, and employment. This organization was created on Feburay 12th 1909. Their are many branches in the U.S. and our very own campus.

Vanessa Lima ….

I was happy to interview Vanessa Lima who postion in NAACP  is their Public Relations. It was really a great pleasure to talk to Ms. Lima and talk about her experinces with the Organization.

N.L. : Hello, thank you for meeting with me.

Vanessa: No problem, I’m happy to help out.

N.L. : Ok, well let’s get started shall we. Tell me what’s a typical week with NAACP?

Vanessa: It’s very busy with planning event  and going over thing  in the meeting. Then after the meetings there also pubing for NAACP which takes alot of time.

N.L. : I know what you mean. So what project are you or had work on that you are especially pround of?

Vanessa: Right now I’m working on The Tunnel of Opression. I so happy about this event and i can’t wait t see the turn out.

N.L.: Tunnel of Opression?

Vanessa : Yes, it is a showcase with student actors, of modern day opression with rasism, sexism, homophbia and other problem that effects our community.

N.L. :what do you do to keep current in the PR  industry?

Vanessa: Alot of Twitter and Facebook, I like to keep everybody updated.

N.L. : What did you wish you would have known before get this postion?

Vanessa: How important it is first of all and then you have to be quick on your feet with doing your part. To keep good networking skill with others.

N.L.: How important is write in a PR career?

Vanessa: Oh! It is very important. Take many notes and write out your plans. I have to do that because in my meetings I have to show them my work.

N.L. :What three tips could you give to future PR?

Vanessa: 1) Learn how to time manage things out. 2.) When you say you are going to do something, then do it. Dont make promises and end up not doing them. 3.) Take this job very serious, it is very important to do the job right and at your full potential.

N.L. : Thank You Vaness for your help.

Vanessa: Like I said no problem, I’m glad to help.


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