Bonus Janette Walls Story

23 Oct

              Indiana State University was proud to invite Guess speaker Jeannette Walls to the campus to talk about her bestselling book The Glass Castle. The Glass Castle is a memoir of her life and what struggles that she had to overcome. Was the New York’s Time Best Seller list for 261 weeks? The Glass Castle even had sold over 2.5 million copies and was translated into 22 different languages. Wall’s book also received the Christopher Award and the American Library Association’s Alex Award in 2006.
               “We Were “PO”. she laughed “We were so poor, we couldn’t afford the “OR”. The crowd laughed at the light humor. Walls told the audience about her life and her struggle before tell our about her book. She was one out of five sibling, her father was Electrician and her mother was Artist.They live in and out of being homeless. “I was a Fighter and a Scraper” Walls said. She told use about her career was a Celeb Interviewer. she tole our how she love her job,but sometimes couldn’t relate with her rich friends because she never had the joys of having such luxuries.She wanted to keep her past be hind doors and let no one know anything about her childhood. “I WAS ASHAMED.” she admitted “one day as I was going home and I saw this women digging in this trash can. then I realized that women was my mother. I didn’t do anything but slid deep in my seat as I passed her. I didn’t want her to see me and come knock on the window for help. When I got home, I looked in the mirror and I didn’t what I saw.” looking at the audience I could tell they felt something similar to her story. “I wanted to write this book so I could make a difference even if one person reads it. I would be even be happy if a rich person or someone better off reads it and understands how to treat people that’s not well off as them.” she smiled. She also wanted someone like her to read the book and grow a passion to do better. “Dream to live better”. she smiled again. “My father said there are demons everywhere and there is nothing but bullies.The way I treat my family and how I hide my past, I saw that demon in that mirror and it was hold me back. My Father would also tell me and my siblings that he would build our a Glass Castle. Writing this book was MY GLass Castle.”
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