Using Twitter!

10 Oct


Picture by Denise Smith


Twitter is the biggest thing in the social media, so you go and join Twitter which takes about five minutes. Welcome to twitter, yay now here you and many others can connect to different places, people, friends, icons, co-workers and ect. there’s just this tiny problem…. HOW DO YOU GET THEM TO FOLLOW YOU?! Well here is some tips that might help.


• When you set up your twitter there is a box that allows you to contect your twitter with your Facebook. This will automatically post the tweets to both twitter and facebook. when you friends see that you have a twitter, they can click your on to your page and follow you.
•Follow trends that you like, people tend to follow you if you have something in common with their interest.
•”#team” also help you in the long run, Example: (#Teamcurls)

You can also use your page as a group page for gamers, fashion icon, etc. At this time you will have a nice amount of followers. Now you should know how to keep your followers on twitter, here are some easy tips:

•Always follower back, because it shows that you have manner and you want to connect with people.
•Use positive comments on others tweets or retweet them. the more you talk with them on tweet the more likely they will tell other people to follow you
•Don’t have a greater number of people you are following then the number of people are following you.
•Please don’t have a twitter and do not post anything for five months. (you lose alots of followers that way).

With tips you are sure to have many followers and learn something different about. There many job opportunities out there too. I hope that your twitter grabs alot of follower and dont forget #TeamFollowback @necelynn see ya!


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