fast froward rerun

17 Apr

so what happen for the all my senior year so far! lets recap shall we! arington is such a jail that all the cool things that happen for the senoirs last year have been tooken away from us this year. i took it upon myself to lose weight which worked out greatly lose alot to fit my tight t’s. yay me. then im not going to TSU(sob) ill be going to ISU (mmm..) found out ill be working my whole colleg year to pay off my loans. also i found and lost friend. have fake friend that i wouldnt let a nice person to stick out your neck out for them( unless u want to get it chop off) went out with this short ass hole who words are out the gate and no mommy ( really! get a life) then graduation was push back two weeks WHEN THE WHOLE SCHOOL LEAVES MAY I ADD!indiana sucks sumtime but its not INDY’s fault its the people who live here! prom is here soon and got a so so dress and pass up a amaze dress in the world to look ok. ugh! so that my recap babes and dolls stay tune for the nexts one


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