my leader ???????

21 Jan

As i sIt in my jag class (jobs for american graduates) my teacher Mr Deakey ask “Who is your leader that you like?” as he pass out paper to draw more information then just a name out the mouth. Another trial to pull kids to do stuff. as i look over the paper i think to myself “Who is MY leader?” Naturally i would put my mom and stepmom on the sheet but thats its more of a first grade answer. so i looked for i teacher that incourage me to do better, but i fell short. so i looked for my inspirations or inspiring people that i have in my life. but alwathinkys i came up short. so i thinking to myself do we really need a leader, i mean why can we be our leaders or flow the way we go. as i wonder on the subject i knew that Mr. Deakey and some of the classmates will adject ti my answer. only reason is that they think i am just nothing but negative. but let me cclear up some for some people. i STATE FACTS, I DO THINGS OUT OF MY WAY TO HELP OTHERS,AND IM TOOOO KIND TO BE NEGATIVE. MAYBE BE RUDE OR EVIL BUT NEVER NEGATIVE.


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