Daily Choas

9 Apr

TGIF… i  said to myself as i walk to my classes. going to the hallways, i notice that i only have one month until summer break…. until the last year will be born …..until i leave this place and never go back. No more bumping into rube people who refuse to move to the side so u can pass. no more loud talking little girl who have neverthing to say . Just wants everybody to look at them, cause they want to be in the spot light and so obsess with it that some will do every and anything  positive or negative . boy who don’t respect themself  and clean the halls with their pants. (IF THEY ONLY KNEW WHAT IT TRULY MEANS!!!!! )  teacher don’t care anymore about helping the ones who don’t help themself , it’s their future, if the board of education wasn’t SO STUPID  they should hold the parents more accountable. if they only knew what goes on around the school lord knows that they would be to embarrass to say that my kid. I think someone should video tape school for thne good and the bad. i the only good time i can recall it my freshman year. i could believe how down hill my school has gone. i bet Dr. White getting laughted at in his face right now as i write to you.  And my princple ……OMG….. my princple  tells us things are going to be different LOL LOL LOL LOL ! we just had 3 fight in the lunch room and i had to wait 55 min. before i could eat (WHICH WASN”T  ANY GOOD IF I MAY ADD!!!!! ~_~)  but it whatever.  til then my words will be at a still.


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