Count down for school

7 Aug

Im scared that I might have the same class of  hell that I had my 10th grade year. I saw a few people I know there when I signed up for school, (the ones I can stand) ok kids I call them.  I look at their class they had . Some where the same like mines and some wasn’t. I would die before I step foot in the same class with the same people of last year. Now some of them where ok, but the rest can go to hell, (IM JUST SAYING, MOST OF THE TEACHER WOULD SAY THAT TOO). Im sick of hearing who this girl do it with or which boy got jumped and where at. I would like to hear the answer to 2x+4y+3x=?  I almost  failed my classes that year if I didn’t have help from my friends and teachers.So looking at the calendar,I have 4 days, 101 hours, 52 mins. before school starts. DAMN!


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